Industrial Core Chucks

Outperform & Outlast

Designed for shaft-less applications, our core chucks deliver exceptionally reliable core gripping with minimal maintenance. Our chucks are offered in two styles, Mechanical (torque-activated) or Pneumatic Expansion. Made with heavy-duty parts, simple motion, and industry leading jaw expansion, this web-handling equipment is second to none. Our chucks will outlast and outperform in all production environments.

DIENES chucks are available in imperial and metric sizes. All of our chucks offer custom flange designs to meet your specific application. Our engineers can assist you in selecting the best chucking system to minimize downtime and optimize your holding strength, tension control, and core life.

Custom Sizes

DIENES chucks are also available in custom sizes as well as metric versions. Our engineers can support you in selecting the best chucking system to minimize your downtime and optimize your gripping strength, tension control and core life.

Industrial Core Chucks

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