Grooved Razor Sleeves

Dienes is a custom designer and manufacturer of grooved razor sleeves and razor combs. Razor sleeves and combs are made of high quality hardened tool steels as well as inexpensive materials and plastics to meet the special needs of our converting customers. Call Dienes to take advantage of our 100 years of experience cutting webs of every conceivable material. We have laboratory facilities to help you select the cutting process that puts you in the most competitive position in today’s demanding market. For quality cuts and 100 years of know-how, call Dienes.

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  Item # Item Name Size Length Land Groove
021046 Grooved Razor Sleeves 5 x 4 in 4.25 in 0.063 0.050
02407 Grooved Razor Sleeves 105 x 90 mm 4 in 0.030 0.030

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