Roll Shear Tooling

A shimless tooling system was custom designed and manufactured for a leading manufacturer of stainless steel alloys and high performance specialty alloys to be integrated into a multiple head/cap stand equipped high precision sitting line.

The tooling package was designed to allow for clearance increments of .000050″ (fifty millionth of an inch) and strip width increments of .0001″ (one tenth of an inch).

Knives, Polyurethane bonded stripper rings, steel stripper rings and spacers manufactured to ultra-precision tolerances made it possible to slit multiple strands down to a strip width of .250″ and a material thickness of .0006″.

Product Description

Shimless tooling designed and specified to process stainless steel alloys and specialty stainless steel alloys to be incorporated into a high precision slitting line, where tooling tolerances had to meet the tightest dimensional and geometric tolerances to guarantee a balanced slitter arbor setup gaining virtually burr free and zero camber strips.

Capabilities Applied/Process

  • Tooling sizes specified to obtain extreme tight clearances and to eliminate the accumulation of tooling thickness tolerances
  • Knives made from high alloy tool steel to maximize knife wear, knives with high polished faces to minimize slitting debris pick up
  • Inner diameters machined to less than .0004″ tolerance to minimize lateral runout
  • Thickness tolerance +/-.000040″
  • Flatness within .000080″
  • Parallelism within .000040″
  • Bonded stripper rings for positive, no slippage stripping action
  • Software program to generate slitter arbor tooling sequence

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