Multi-Groove Bottom Circular Knives

  • Plain bore or set screw locking
  • 2-piece DUO Ring option (split design) available for fast knife removal and installation
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Multi-Groove Bottom Circular Knives

Product Details

Multi-Groove Bottom Knives, also referred to as Multi-Groove Bottom Slitters, Multi-Groove Anvils or MKBs, are available with a plain bore for clamping onto an expandable air shaft or as set screw design for fixing onto a solid bottom shaft. Multi-Groove Bottom Knives are available with a single cutting edge or double cutting edges. Cutting edge divisions, the distance from one cutting edge to the next (also sometimes referred to as the pitch) are mostly custom made and can be as narrow as 0.200” or 5 mm. Multi Groove Bottom Knives are also made from various alloy tool steel for maximum wear resistance and service life.

To help reduce down time, a DUO RING version MKB is also available. This special 2-piece multi-groove bottom knife design allows fast Multi Groove Bottom Knife removal and installation.

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Multi-Groove Bottom Circular Knives

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