CNC Knife Sharpener

Stay Sharp

DIENES CNC Knife Sharpener, a universal knife grinding machine designed and built to sharpen score cut knives, top knives and bottom anvil shear cut knives. The systems HMI screen allows operators to select the type of knife type to be sharpened with the push of a button. The integrated OD Knife measuring gauge eliminates the need to enter offsets for knives with different outside diameters.

Sharpen your knives with the same equipment that is used to produce new DIENES knives.


  • Fabricated steel frame with floor levelers
  • Solid steel fabricated base with integrated coolant tank and coolant return system
  • One-year continuous lubrication pack
  • THK brand preloaded linear bearings
  • THK brand linear rails
  • Bellow style way covers
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Work Head

  • Precision ground alloy steel base, carriage mounted on linear ways
  • Rotary base mounted for manual positioning
  • Hydrostatic work head design
  • Pneumatic drawbar (260 # @ 85 psi)
  • Easily read position indicator with one degree increments
  • Belt driven spindle cartridge with permanently lubed, preloaded angular contact duplex bearings
  • Variable speed brand servo motor with zero backlash coupling
  • Precision ground, 25-mm diameter ball screw mounted in permanently lubed, angular contact thrust bearings
  • Operating range 20-400 rpm
  • Rapid traverse rate 240 inch/min
  • Capacity 0-10” diameter; option to 14”
  • Zero run-out adjustable faceplate
    Louvered, air vented, protective guarding
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Wheel Head

  • Precision ground alloy steel base, carriage mounted on linear ways
  • Poly-V brand, belt driven spindle cartridge with ABEC-7 permanently lubed, preloaded duplex bearings
  • Variable speed AC wheel drive with speeds to 6,500 sfm
  • Rapid infeed rate 120 inch/min
  • ANSI wheel sleeves
  • Single 8” diameter grinding wheel or Dual (rough/finish) 8” diameter grinding wheel arrangement
  • ANSI wheel guard with removable cover
  • Coolant nozzle
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CNC Knife Sharpener

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