ATTENTION CUSTOMERS! During these difficult times, Dienes will remain open in order to support our valued customers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. COVID-19 HAS IMPACTED US ALL IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. INTRODUCING OUR NEW EZ KNIFE PULLER! With full operator control, the Dienes EZ Knife Puller securely surrounds the knife blade and prevents blade tip damage along with worry-free knife blade removal and replacement. REMOVE AND INSTALL KNIFE BLADES WITH EASE EZ Knife Puller INTRODUCING OUR NEW Designed for light duty converting applications, Dienes’ DC25-90 is suitable for shear, score and razor blade slitting, utilizing interchangeable cartridges covering almost the entire array of materials. A special feature includes its quick change lower knife head. DC25-90 SHEAR CUT HOLDER SHEAR CUT KNIFE HOLDER! DC25-90 Rotating Heads OUR NEW NARROW WEB SLITTING SYSTEMS Narrow Web Slitting Systems

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The Dienes Werke in Overath has been available since 1913 for excellent quality, exclusive know-how and sweeping innovation. Now with seven international locations and over 500 employees, Dienes is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial cutting tools and a competent partner in valve technology for piston and rotary compressors.


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