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Dienes Industrial Cutting Tools Industry

The DIENES Commitment to Quality

DIENES represents a complete solution and service in the industrial cutting tools industry. This industry mainly consists of circular knives, knife holders, and industrial slitting machines. The successful development of our long-established 100 year old company has always been characterized by the highest expectations of quality, precision, and service as well as trend-setting innovations.

It is thanks to this commitment that today, DIENES is the world’s best performing partner in the industrial knives, knife holders, and slitting machines industry. Our growing family services 10 countries including, the USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Hungary, China, Poland, France, Russia, and Belgium. We will continue to grow and serve our customers in any way we can.

Dienes Products

Circular Knives

As an industrial knife manufacturer, Dienes takes pride in offering top-quality slitting knives that effortlessly cut whatever material you are working with. Our knife blades consist of 2 main types of circular slitting knives. These circular knives include industrial shear blades and industrial score blades; both circular slitter blades make up the majority in the industry. In addition, Dienes knives offer better quality and cut compared to other industrial knife companies in the market. 

Shear Slitting Holders

Dienes has a wide variety of circular knife holders. One of our top-selling industrial knife holders is for our shear slitting machines. Dienes’ shear slit holders are also known as pneumatic slitter knife holders or shear cut holders. Our shear slit holders not only mount to Dienes slitter machines but also Maricotta and Tidland machines as well. Contact us or read our blog about shear slit holders if you are interested in learning more.

Slitting Machines

Dienes also offers slitting machines for customers who want quality slitting equipment. Dienes slitter machines can be customizable according to the customer’s specifications. We also offer automatic slitting machines to decrease productivity downtime and improve slitting efficiency. Contact us today, a quality and experienced slitting machine manufacturer, for your next quote!

Score Slitting Holders

Score slitting or score cutting is exactly how it sounds; you “score” or partially cut the surface. Dienes offers both pneumatic crush cut, and score cut knife holders. Our designs for these circular knife holders are the most frequently copied designs in the industrial slitting industry since coming up with the patent a few years ago. Our score slitting holders are used on a variety of slitter machines and possess the best quality in the market.

Razor Slitting

Dienes offers the cleanest form of slitting there is in the industrial knife industry, razor slitting. As an industrial knife blade manufacturer, it is our job to make sure that the customers are getting the most use out of their cutting blades. Therefore, Dienes Corporation offers razor blades, because industries like plastic film, light-gage aluminum foil, and other types of light-gauge foils need to get that clean edge.  Contact us with any questions or read more about the benefits of industrial razor slitting.

Air Shafts

With competitively priced equipment and in-stock parts ready to ship, Dienes offers high-quality air shafts. Some of the shafts we offer are air shafts, core shafts, multiple bladder shafts, and roll centering shafts, to name a few. In addition, we also offer air shaft bladder tubing for those customers that are interested. Every shaft is Dienes quality, no doubt and, we would be happy to help you in any way we can! Click below to find out the other Dienes shafts offered!  

Tension Control Brakes

Having total control of your application is a key part of the process. Because of this, we offer a selection of pneumatic brakes for winding and unwinding applications. These customizable brakes, equipped with a patented multi-disk pad system, allows for accurate control while also dissipating the heat more efficiently. The combination of these 2 factors enables our customers to run up to 5 years without any maintenance to their brakes. Click below for other unwind/rewinding brakes!

Industrial Core Chucks

Dienes Corp offers mechanical core chucks for shaftless applications. Our mechanical core chucks deliver the most reliable core gripping with the least amount of maintenance.

Made with heavy-duty parts, simple motion, and best-in-industry jaw expansion, this slitting equipment (made in Italy) is top of the line! These chucks will outlast and outperform in all production environments.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial knives, slitting machines, and slitting equipment, we pride ourselves on having the “cutting edge” over the competition. Our goal is to provide quality industrial cutting tools and equipment to the nonwoven, paper, plastic, packaging, labeling adhesives, aluminum, and tire and rubber industry, to name a few.

What makes Dienes different and what gives us the cutting edge is our:

Slitting Seminars

Dienes USA not only offers a wide variety of slitting equipment, but we also offer educational slitting seminars. These seminars are purely for the success of the participating individuals. We want to teach them the fundamentals of slitting and, with these fundamentals, participants learn how to avoid common and major slitting problems in their industry.

Customizable Products

 We believe our products should be flexible to accommodate each of our customer’s needs. That is why Dienes provides their customers with the best quality industrial cutting tools that suits their needs. And not only offer certain selected holders with no ability to adjust them.

Product Variety

Every industry is different and needs different tools to get the job done. That is why we believe in giving our customers a vast selection of products enabling them to achieve their individual/specific goals within the slitting industry.

Customer Service

Dienes offers the best available customer service in the market through all members of our team. We are always ready to take your call and help you with your needs.


Dienes is proud to offer the best quality tools and equipment in our industry. You do not have to worry about your circular knives, knife holders, and slitting machines breaking as easily.

Resharpening Service

Dienes offers a regrind service to get the most use out of your circular slitting knives. We help you save money in the long run by helping you get the most use out of your industrial knives.

Providing Custom Quotes on All Products. At Your Request.