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DIENES has proudly added custom-made premium-quality air shafts to our product line to fit your new or existing application. With replacement parts in stock and ready to ship we are able to offer our shafts with industry leading customer service. Available air shafts include multi-bladder strip air shafts, lug air shafts, leaf air shafts for coreless rewinding, self-centering air shafts, as well as multi-bladder pneumatic shaft adapters.

The multi-bladder strip air shaft is our most popular air shaft, allowing for a variety of gripping ledges to handle all types of applications. Its rugged design is available in three body materials: aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, making it suitable for heavy loads, high speeds, and light applications.

All of our expandable air shafts are available with different contact strip material to best suit the application.

  • Rubber Strips
    For high torque transmission and proven performance
  • Continuous Silicon Strips
    For uninterrupted contact and to remove the need for return springs
  • Aluminum Strips
    For precise centering of the core with solid aluminum strips
series s2000 easy glide shafts 2

Series S2000 Easy Glide Shafts

  • Reduces friction for robotic arms
  • Standard diameters:
    3″ | 4″ | 6″ | 6.75″ | 8″
  • Available in any custom size
series ls2000 leaf shafts

Series LS2000 Leaf Shafts

  • For coreless rewinding
  • Standard diameters:
    2″ | 3″ | 4″ | 6″ | 8″ | 12″
  • Available in any custom size
series l1000 lug shafts

Series L1000 Lug Shafts

  • Available in aluminum, steel and carbon fiber
  • Standard diameters:
    3″  |  6″
  • Available in any custom size
series s1000 small diameter shafts

Series S1000 Small Diameter Shafts

  • Machined steel shaft
  • Suitable for cores from 0.75″ to 1.5″
  • Available in any custom size
series s2000sc roll centering shafts

Series S2000SC Multi-bladder, Self-centering Shafts

  • Available in aluminum, steel and carbon fiber
  • Standard diameters:
    3″ | 4″ | 6″ | 6.75″ | 8″
  • Available in any custom size
series s2500 multiple bladder adapter shafts

Series S2500 Multi-bladder Adapter Shafts

  • Pneumatic shaft adapter
  • Standard diameters:
    2-4″ | 3-6″ | 4.75-6.75″ | 6-8″
  • Available in any custom size

Non-expanding Shafts

Dienes can also provide non-expanding shafts (solid or tubular construction) made from steel or aluminum. In addition, we can provide hardened steel shafts or shafts with hardened steel sleeves.

Air Shaft Options

  • FDA Compliance
  • Clear anodization
  • Colored anodization
  • Hard anodization
  • Nickel plating on journals
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Linear scale on shaft barrel diameter
  • Stainless steel components
  • And more!

Range of Air Shafts

  • Self-Centering
  • Independent Bladder
  • Sidelay Adjustable
  • Direct Friction
  • Dead Shafts
  • Coreless Rewinding
  • Differential Rewinding
  • Leaf Shaft Core Cutting
  • Leaf Shaft Coreless Rewinding
  • And more!

DIENES Air Shafts

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