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Our slitting machines are tailored exactly to your needs, whether you desire to retrofit an existing system or build a new system. We offer both manually-operated and fully-automatic slitting systems. Our cutting and positioning modules are characterized by simple automation with optimum efficiency.

Shear Knife Holders have a two-year warranty. Crush Cut and Razor Cut Holders have 1-year warranties, including seals and bearings. All other components have a 1-year warranty. All warranties are effective from the start of installation.

Our team of in-house experts also provide customized service. Full-services capability include operator/supervisor training on any slitting system we manufacture—either at your site or in our Spencer, MA plant prior to shipment. Computer controlled systems are thoroughly covered and all manual component functions are clearly demonstrated with operator hands-on training.

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Slitting Machines

  • Minimize downtime with intelligent control systems
  • QUICK-SET Technology
  • Two-year warranty for holders
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Shear Cut Slitting Machines

  • High cutting force and speed
  • Cuts as narrow as 4mm
  • One-year warranty for holders
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Score Cut Slitting Machines

  • Holders designed to encase the razor blade during handling
  • Changing stations optimize operator ergonomics
  • Remove and reinsertion tools to protect your team
  • One-year warranty on holders
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Razor Cut Slitting Machines

  • Remove trim cuts for mill duty
  • Operators can push a button to set the knives to proper locations, turn a hand wheel or slide the assembly
  • One-year warranty for holders
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Side Trim-Edge Machines

World’s Leading Slitting Equipment Manufacturer

Slitting Machine Features

  • Enclosure guards
  • Interlocked Guards
  • Position circular knives while Slitting
  • Trim initiation
  • Knife blade life monitoring
  • Programmable slitting force
  • Constant shear slitting force
  • Handheld operator pendant
  • Web Speeds to 12,000 ft/min
  • Dust collection
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Automatic Knife Lubrication Systems
  • Absolute position feedback
  • Remote program changes
  • Trim chute positioning
  • Web video monitor feedback

Why Dienes

More Reasons to Choose DIENES

QUICK-SET technology provides the fastest, most accurate recipe setups for slitter machines in the industry—helping to eliminate scrap material, machine downtime, and operator error. All slitting blades simultaneously position themselves at the same time.

QUICK SET technology applies to razor slitting, shear slitting, and crush/score cut. This slitting equipment can position down to .50″ or up to 25mm recipes; there is no slitting application too large or small.

Quick-Set Technology

Slitting machines incorporate a variety of programmable, logical control systems. Get in touch with a DIENES expert to discuss your slitting equipment needs.

Automatic Positioning Systems

Are you in need of a score cut slitting system? A shear slitting system? Or even razor? Do you require fast, accurate, and dependable setup changes? DIENES is ready to take the job on with our automatic slitting machines. Whether you need narrow widths, 120 cuts reposition in seconds, moving video feedback to change web conditions, or converting slitting machines; DIENES can help.

Automatic Slitting Machine

DIENES takes pride in helping customers whenever they need it most. That’s why we offer service around the clock, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We offer internet connections into your slitter equipment so we can address most program changes without the expense of travel.

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