EZ Knife Puller

With full operator control, the Dienes EZ Knife Puller securely surrounds the knife blade and prevents blade tip damage along with worry-free knife blade removal and replacement.

While removal and replacement of knife blades are necessary, the method to do so has been in long need of a better way. Dienes EZ Knife Puller provides protection and control of the knife blade, while preventing damage during removal.

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EZ Knife Puller Bulletin


  • Used to remove and install blades
  • Reduces operator risk while replacing and removing the knife blades
  • Easy to use
  • Prevent blade tip damage while removing the knife blades
  • No need for operator to physically touch the knives
  • EZ Knife Puller securely surrounds the knife blade
  • Quicker knife changes


  • Hand tool with plier style gripping
  • Specially designed tips that surround the score cut hub
  • Surrounding type of clamping method
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