PQAS 6mm Holder

The Dienes PQAS 6 mm knife holder is offered by Dienes with the same quality and ruggedness you have come to expect from 100 years of Dienes ingenuity. This design employs the same mounting dimensions as all the Dienes PQAS style holders and can be interchanged on the same dovetail bars. These holders come standard with the same pneumatic connections Dienes offers on all PQAS style holders. This model is unique in the pneumatic cylinders nest in what we refer to as a long and a short design. The reason is to allow cutting forces resulting from increased pneumatic piston effective area. Both holders are able to produce 50 pounds force when 90 PSI is applied to the holder. These holders are rated to run up to web speeds of 600 feet per minute. Dienes is happy to offer our customers slitting solution to the highest speeds and the narrowest slit widths in the converting industry. The Dienes PQAS 6 mm holder is capable of slitting down to 6mm (.24 inch) slit widths whether slitting paper, film, foils or tapes. When you are looking for slitting know how, call Dienes.

Download the PQAS 6mm High Parts List
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Download the PQAS 6mm Low Parts List
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  • Oil Wick – Used for blade lubrication
  • Blade Guards – for operator safety
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  Item # Item Name Dienes Part #
PQAS 6 mm Long Holder 021116
PQAS 6 mm Short Holder 021117
  Item # Item Name Dienes Part #
1 Pressure Cylinder 244B301A01001
2 Gasket 244B301A01001
3 Side Plate (R. Hand) 244B110578020
4 Side Plate (L. Hand) 244B110579020
5 Distance Ring 244B010287010
6 Intermediate Piece 244B090864010
7 Axle Pin 244B010314010
8 Standard Clamp 244A372001001
9 Crush Cut Knife 239B080151010
10 Knife Fork 244A185001001
11 Pressure Spring 263D010044010
12 Countersunk Screw 234B010176010
13 Countersunk Screw 234B010176020
14 Hose Assembly (Type 1) 244A113001001
15 Ball Bearing 0FKULAG008002
16 Clamping Split Pin 02777
17 Clamp Body 244B030416010
18 Screw 234B010023010
19 Rivet 234E000003060
20 Quick Disconnect 0FPNZUB010003
21 Hose 244A000113010
22 Clamping Arm 244B020076010
23 Hose Assembly (Type 3) 02298-09
24 Male Connector 02147-09
25 Quick Disconnect 02358
26 Male Snap Connector 02080-09

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