DF145 Round Body Knife Holder

Two Year Warranty

  • Next generation in performance for use on Beloit winders
  • Precise depth control
  • Dual guided shaft system system for vibration damping and greater rigidity
  • Minimum Slit Width: 145mm/5.709 in
  • Knife Diameter: 180 mm/7.087 in
  • Web Speed: 9,000 ft/min
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DF145 Round Body Knife Holder

Product Details

DF145 round body shear cut top knife holder is specifically designed as the next generation in performance holders for use on Beloit winders. It is an extremely rugged, high speed pneumatic circular knife holder designed for the paper mill environment but is equally suitable for use on thick gauge materials and other demanding applications. You can cut single or multiple layer paper down to 145mm (5.709 in) widths at web speeds of up to 2,743 m/min (9,000 ft/min).

DF145 incorporates a double-shaft guidance system for vibration damping and maximizing top knife holder rigidity which results in cleaner slits and longer circular knife life. A micrometer adjustment device allows for precise depth control setting to ensure the highest slitting precision. The circular top knife holder weighs 16kg (35.3 lbs) and is designed with a 6 mm (0.236 in) horizontal side stroke that minimizes setup efforts. Additional features include choice of T-bar or linear bearing mounts, precision cant angle plates, quick change lower knife head, optional 360 degree blade guard Easy-Set tab or oil wick available. 180mm (7.087 in) or 200mm (7.874 in) diameter circular blades.

Item # Item Name Dienes Part #
1 Housing N/A
2 Vertical Axle 245A423001002
3 Nut 245C060367010/245C060826010
4 End Stop 245C060826010
5 Cylinder Cover 245C080363010/022011
6 Sleeve 245C360A01001/021619
7 Piston 245C050362010/021616/021887
8 Coiled Spring 0FFEDER048001/653660
9 Washer 234E020061010
10 Guide Shaft 245C020364010/021617/021888
11 Protective Cap 245A759001001
12 Retaining Ring 0D00472048001/021567
13 Bearing Case 0FKUGBU016001/021620
14 Piston Seal 0FWDICH050001/022179
15 Airzet Ring PR16 0FWDICH016002/022184
16 Dirt Wiper 0FSCHMU035001/021273
17 O-Ring 0FORING050001/022180
18 O-Ring 0FORING010001/022185
19 O-Ring 0FORING054004/022186
20 Dowel Pin 0FSTIFT002021
21 Gasket A5.5 x 8 Cu/Gasket, Copper 0D07603005001/652971
22 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912005005/613566
23 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912005007/613574
24 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912005003/022128
25 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912006002/613628
26 Dowel Pin (Heat Treat) 0D06325004001
27 Coiled Spring 0FFEDER027001/022013
28 Cylinder Cover 245B738A01001/022012
29 Piston Seal 0FWDICH045001/022178
30 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912004002
31 Airzet Piston Seal 0FWDICH035001/02621
32 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912004004/613512
33 Rod Seal 35 x 42 x 4/Rod Seal PR35 0FWDICH035002
34 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6203-2Z/22509
35 Cover 245B070182010/02371
36 Washer 234E000043070/021625
37 Axle 245B050764010/021274
38 Retaining Ring 0D00471017001/22070
39 Retaining Ring 217B000052010/02375
40 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D06912004004
41 Cylinder Cover 245B070763010/021890
42 Knife Carrier 245B110675020/02898
43 O-Ring 0FORING045001/02241
44 Top Knife (DBL. BEV.) 231G180247010/021707
45 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912006019/613616
46 360º Bracket 245C110790010/021924
47 Protective Cover 245C160797010/021964
48 Knife Guard 245A000200100/02644
49 Socket Head Cap Screw 0D00912005005/613566
22593 Mounting Bracket for DF-145-RB 22593
021707 Replacement Circular Blade, D2 Material for DF-145-RB 021707
021305 Air Hose Assembly (with Quick Disconnect) for DF-145-RB 021305
021894 Coupling (Quick Disconnect) for DF-145-RB 021894
021546 Guard w/ES-Tab™ 021546
Item # Item Name Dienes Part #
021075 DF-145-RB Knife Holder 021075

DF145 Round Body Knife Holder

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