DS4 Shear, Crush, & Razor Cut Knife Holder

Two Year Warranty

  • Extreme stability and durability due to the DIENES honeycomb structure
  • Unique cutting pressure adjustment due to balanced force distribution
  • Depth adjustment with simple and intuitive operation
  • Quick change head
  • Minimum Slit Width: 19 mm/0.748 in
  • Knife Diameter: 105 mm/4.134 in
  • Web Speed: 2,500 ft/min
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DS4 Shear, Crush, & Razor Cut Knife Holder

Product Details

The DIENES DS4 shear cut knife holder provides zero-clearance vertical and horizontal stroke support for exceptional blade stiffness in operation. Slit widths to 19 mm (0.748 in) are possible. Originally developed for the aluminum foil industry, with a rigid flat blade, the DS4 also has a dish blade design for synthetic and other softer materials.

Recent advancements have included interchangeable, quick replacement lower heads for replacing dull blades, or if crush cutting or razor slitting is preferred over shear slitting for a particular web material. A simple Turn Knob release allows knife head changes with the knife body remaining on the machine.

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DS4 Shear, Crush, & Razor Cut Knife Holder

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