PSGS-DF70 Driven Top Knife Shear Cut Holder

The Dienes PSGS-DF70 driven-top knife shear cut holder offers a compact design for slitting application with optimum cutting quality and minimum dust accumulation. Equipped with a motor to drive the knife, this holder minimizes the friction of the material while going through the slitting station, also enabling it to overcome the lube wiper drag. By being able to match precisely both the top and bottom knives speed with the web speed, this allows this holder to slit even the thinnest of materials with an excellent edge quality, while also delivering an increased knife life. This holder also has a user-friendly depth adjustment with LED display and a sensor for automatic knife diameter detection. There is no complex knife adjustment required thereby reducing set up costs. The PSGS-DF70 driven-top knife holder is also designed to increase knife life due to the backlash-free, vibration damping double axis guide system. Ideal for slitting foil, tape, plastic and nonwovens.

Download the PSGS-DF70 Specification Sheet

Typical Fields of Application

  • Aluminium foil
  • Cable / Litho tape
  • Nonwoven
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Packaging
  • Sensitive materials
  • Adhesive tape / labels
  • Etc.


  • Compact design for slitting applications with optimum cutting quality and minimum dust accumulation
  • Adjustment of the top knife speed to the material web speed
  • User-friendly depth adjustment with LED display and sensor for automatic knife diameter detection, no complex knife adjustment required, thereby reduction of set-up costs
  • Reproducible knife setting forces adaptable to the material to be cut
  • Optimum cutting edge quality even with difficult cutting material and high slitting speed
  • Increased knife life due to backlash-free, vibration damping double axis guide system

Dienes also manufactures the top and bottom knives required for shear cutting as well as manual, semi-automatic and automatic slitting systems.

*Optional features can be upgraded on demand.
**Special designs and features on request.

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Additional information

Depth Adjustment

Manual, optional with LED display

Speed** (Different Versions Available)

Up to 300 m/min
Up to 1200 m/min

Slit Width

From 70 mm

Knife Diameter Outside

130 mm
150 mm

Knife Diameter Inside

80 mm

Shear Angle Setting

Yes (via Angle Plate)

Vertical Stroke

30 mm

Operating Pressure Vertical Stroke

4-6 bar

Horizontal Stroke

2,5 mm

Operating Pressure Horizontal Stroke

1-3,5 bar

360° Protection


Air Connection


Adjustment Slide


Rust Protected


Lubricating Felt


Motor Power

0,1 kW

Motor Voltage

48 V DC

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