Shear Cut Knife Holder with LED Depth Set

One of the most problem some issues with shear cutting is the depth of the penetration of the male knife below the outer diameter of the female knife. Dienes has addressed this issue with a sensor which senses the diameter of the male knife and gives the operator an LED light which illuminates when the micrometer depth set wheel is turned to the exact location to insure proper overlap. A second indicator informs the operator the correct direction to turn the wheel. The solution abides by the K.I.S.S. philosophy. Keep It Simple S______. This feature can be applied to all Dienes knife holders.

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  Item # Item Name Dienes Part #
10 Lower Guard Housing 245C605A01001
20 Knife Carrier 245C100535020
30 Bushing 021619
40 Axle 021618
50 Intermediate Ring 022018
60 Inner Cover 245C070541010
70 Outer Cover 245C070540010
80 Intermediate Plate 245C030548010
90 Stepped Intermediate Plate 245C040547040
100 Spacer 245C070545020
110 Diaphragm 022137
120 Circular Spring 263C070034010
130 Washer 021583
140 Retaining Ring 021525
150 Retaining Ring 021526
160 Socket Head Countersunk Screw 651240
170 Grooved Pin 651241
180 Brass Bearing Cage 651242
190 Ball Bearing 651254
200 Socket Head Countersunk Screw 614104
210 Low Head Socket Cap Screw 651250
220 Socket Cap Screw 613558
230 Gasket 651243
240 Intermediate Plate 245C130531010
250 Ring Nut 021638
02134-09 Air Hose Assembly (with Quick Disconnect) for DF-50-130 02134-09
22057 Replacement Circular Knife for DF-50-130, 52100 Material 22057
02178 Replacement Circular Knife for DF-50-130, D2 Material 02178
021998 Seal Kit for DF-50-130 021998

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