DF50-180 Linear Bearing Mount Shear Cut Holder

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DF50-180 Linear Bearing Mount Shear Cut Holder

Product Details

The DF50-180 shear cut top knife holder is a high speed pneumatic circular knife holder best utilized on light to medium paper and all non-woven materials. You can cut widths down to 50mm (1.97”) at web speeds of up to 1,950 meter per minute (6,400 feet per minute). The DF50-180 is designed around the innovative and well proven Dienes zero clearance double shaft guidance system for vibration damping and maximizing top knife holder rigidity which results in cleaner slits and longer circular knife life. A micrometer adjustment device allows for precise depth control setting to ensure the highest slitting quality. This top knife holder also includes a pneumatically adjustable side force control for the precision ball bearing guided lower head in order to maximize knife life and edge cut quality. Features include choice of dovetail or linear bearing mounts, precision cant angle plates, 360 degree blade guard, quick change lower circular knife head, optional Easy-Set tab, optional oil wick, 180mm (7.1”) diameter circular blade and a TWO YEAR WARRANTY! When your operation requirements demand cutting know-how, high speed, and quality – call Dienes.

Additional information

Item #


Linear Bearing Mount

Minimum Slit Width Inches

Maximum Speed

6400 fpm

Operating Pressure

20 to 46 psi

Side Load Force

1 to 21 lb



Dual preloaded linear ball bearings for vertical axis guiding; Micrometer depth adjustment; Interchangeable cant angle plates

Dienes Part #

DF50-180 Linear Bearing Mount Shear Cut Holder

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