PSG-115-180 Dovetail Mount Shear Cut Holder

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PSG-115-180 Dovetail Mount Shear Cut Holder

Product Details

The PSG-115-180 shear cut top knife holder is considered to be a “workhorse” of the slitting industry because of its ruggedness, long life, and quality of cut. The holder can cut a wide variety of heavy materials with slit widths down to 115mm (4.56”) while operating at line speeds up to 1,905 meters per minute (6,250 feet per minute). Capable of mounting on a T-bar, dovetail, or any other mounting configuration, the circular top knife holder weighs 9.1kg (20.1 lbs) and is designed with a 3mm (0.12”) horizontal side stroke that minimizes setup efforts. This top knife holder also includes an adjustable stop that easily changes the side force between top and bottom circular knives in order to maximize knife life and edge cut quality. Features include optional Easy-Set tab, durable dual row bearing lower head design, 180mm (7.09”) diameter circular blade and a TWO YEAR WARRANTY! When your operation requirements demand slitting know-how, heavy duty performance, and long life – call Dienes for answers.

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Additional information

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Minimum Slit Width Inches

Maximum Web Speed

6,250 fpm

Operating Pressure

55 to 90 psi



Dienes Part #

PSG-115-180 Dovetail Mount Shear Cut Holder

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