Slitting Systems

Drop in or installed new, Dienes slitting systems can be configured to meet all your slitting needs.

Dienes provides slitting solutions. Complete recipe changes in seconds.

Dienes designs to satisfy customers’ needs. We have the fastest, most accurate recipe setups in the industry by simultaneously positioning all slitting blades. Eliminate scrap material, downtime, and operator errors with Dienes QUICK SET technology. Dienes QUICK SET applies to razor, shear, or crush / score cut. Able to position down to .50″ or 25mm recipes, there is no application too large or small.

We position score cut, razor cut and shear cut. We cut in line or cross cut.

A slitting system can be designed incorporating a variety of programmable logical control systems including Allen Bradley, Siemens and Mitsubishi. Speak with our sales department and allow them an opportunity to meet your needs. Dienes software engineers are here to service you with all your needs.

Dienes offers service response 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We also offer internet connections into your equipment so we are able to address most program changes without the expense of travel saving you money for years to come.

If you require fast, accurate and dependable set up changes Dienes is ready to take the job on. Narrow widths, 120 cuts reposition in seconds, video feed back to move to changing web conditions or small position moves while slitting, contact Dienes.

Available Features:

  • Blade life monitoring
  • Programmable slitting force
  • Constant shear slitting force
  • Hand held operator pendant
  • Enclosure guards
  • Interlocked Guards
  • Position while Slitting
  • Web video monitor feedback
  • Absolute position feedback
  • Remote program changes
  • Trim chute positioning
  • Trim initiation
  • Web Speeds to 12000 ft/min
  • Dust collection
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Automatic Knife Lubrication Systems

Dienes Offers:

  • Slitting seminars
  • On-site training
  • Sample slit
  • 100 plus years’ experience
  • Hundreds of systems to date
  • Specialty automation
  • A can do attitude

Providing Custom Quotes on All Products. At Your Request.