How long do the seminars last?

The shear slitting seminar takes about 2 to 2.5 hours…depending on questions. The crush cutting seminar takes about 1 to 1.5 hours, again depending on questions. This includes discussion of razor and adhesive slitting if applicable.

What can we expect to gain from this seminar?

Our goal is for all slitting operators to understand the basics of slitting, the consequences of their actions and being able to recognize and prevent potential problems when they see them.

Will this help improve our slitting quality?

This is a Slitting Theory Course but we try to provide “practical” information in support of your slitting operation. It does help if we can schedule a production area tour, prior to the seminars, to review equipment currently in use to relate to, during the seminar. Operator input from their experiences typically benefits all attendees.

How is the seminar conducted?

These are classroom style Power Point presentations with class books and individual Slitting Guides included.

How many people can attend?

We have no limit on how many or who attends. We do like to know approximately how many attendees there will be in order to provide enough class room books. Usually the class room area dictates how many can attend.

What do I need to provide?

We ask for a class room type set up with a customer supplied projector, if possible, and a paper easel for sketching as needed. Cold drinks for attendees optional. There are two breaks during the classes.

What does it cost?

Contact Sales at Dienes for quotation.

We are a three shift operation. How would you do this?

We can do three shifts in one day. Typically an early AM class covers 3rd and 1st shifts. The second shifts typically happen around 4:00 PM. We remain flexible as to how you want to work your schedule.

Is this going to be a Dienes sales pitch?

Over the past nine years of doing these seminars we intentionally limit any kind of direct sales pitch of products. We do include a brief overview of the whole Dienes Group and utilize some Dienes equipment photos in the seminar. If asked we will provide technical information on Dienes products, but no pricing. Requests for quotes are welcome after the seminar, but not mandatory.

Hopefully with the above information you can establish a schedule with your production supervisors for this valuable seminar. We look forward to hearing from you.

Providing Custom Quotes on All Products. At Your Request.