High Speed Score Cut Holder

For high speed score cutting applications, suitable for up to 2,000 fpm operating speeds, front load feature allows for fast knife changes. This holder is available with set screw or quick clamp mounting, interchangeable with the standard PQAS 1/2″ holder. It does utilize a special knife and bearing design.

Download the High Speed Score Cut Holder Specification Sheet


  • Oil Wick – Used for blade lubrication
  • Blade Guards – for operator safety
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Additional information

Minimum Slit Width

0.4725 in (12 mm)

Operating Pressure

58-90 psi

Cut Force

75 lbf @ 90 psi

Maximum Operating Speed

2,000 fpm


Set Screw or Quick Clamp


Front Load Design; Fully Interchangeable with All Dienes PQAS Holders; Uses Custom Ø 3.030" Knife

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