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Laser Guided Score Cut Holder

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Product Summary

In response to customer inquiries to assure accurate crush knife positioning, Dienes Corporation has integrated a laser light onto their standard Model PQAS 1/2" Quick-Clamp Crush Cutting knife holder. Utilizing a manual On-Off switch the holder's laser beam provides a focal point for operators to position the knife cutting tip to follow a web print or crease line. Finding the exact point to engage the knife cutting edge is now simple and fast in these and other applications.

The PQAS-Laser holder retains the same mounting design and half-inch minimum slit width as the standard PQAS holder; making it directly exchangeable for upgrading your knife set-up arrangement.

CLICK HERE to download the Laser Guided Score Cut Holder Specifications Sheet


  • Oil Wick – Used for blade lubrication
  • Blade Guards – for operator safety

Product Attributes

  • Maximum Operating Speed: 950 fpm
  • Features: Self-contained, battery powered laser pointer; Years of battery life; Allows for accurate knife placement


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