What is a Positioning System?

For anyone who is familiar with a slitting application, we know that a big challenge of the day-to-day operations is the recipe changes on certain production runs. For anyone who is not familiar to slitting, a recipe change means the widths between each slitting station will have to change depending on the new requirements of […]

DC25-90: Dependable Technology for the Cost-Conscious Users

Why sacrifice quality for price when you can have both? Dienes introduces MODEL DC25-90, a shear cut knife holder for light duty converting applications. Made without compromising holder performance and reliability, even in harsh environments. Who can use the DC25-90? The dependable technology was developed for cost conscious users and original equipment manufacturers. This holder […]

Dienes Announces New Product: The EZ Knife Puller

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you’re trying to remove a knife blade from its holder and the pliers won’t grip the blade the way you want it to?

On top of that, the force you used to take the blade out makes you internally cringe because you know that the blade can become damaged by accidentally hitting it on the crush cut roll—again. But, that’s if you’re lucky and don’t drop the blade in the process. It’s not fun being in that situation, especially when you can’t find where the blade landed.

Dienes understands your frustration and that’s why we have created the solution. The EZ Knife Puller is the answer to these ongoing problems.

Addressing Adhesive Build-up on Blades

Imagine you buy yourself a brand-new sports car. After months of doing your research on the different models that the industry has to offer, you settle on your dream car. Once you finally get it, the car drives great, goes incredibly fast, but you have to stop to change the tires every 50 miles. Would […]

Crush Cutting: Myths vs. Facts

Is My Blade Sharp Enough? One of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis is: How do I know if my blade is sharp enough? Often enough we answer the question with: It depends on how you are slitting. That response often leads to the look of confusion on our customers’ […]

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