PQA-DF-30 Holder

The Dienes PQA-DF30 Crush Cut knife holder has been proven to be an outstanding slitter for many years. This holder design employs a double row preloaded, sealed ball bearing design capable of withstanding heavy loads up to 125 pounds force at high speed. Slitting fiberglass, nonwoven materials, paper and films the PQA-DF30 is capable of slitting down to 30 mm (1.2 inch) minimum slit widths while sustaining speeds of 2600 feet per minute. A modular design allows the holder to be mounted with a dovetail, tee bar, or a linear bearing. Custom design mountings are possible with the Dienes highly qualified engineering staff. If you are experiencing marginal performance from your current crush knife designs, Call Dienes, the company with over 100 years of Know How.

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Drawing subject to change and may not represent the most up-to-date version.


  • Oil Wick – Used for blade lubrication
  • Blade Guards – for operator safety
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Minimum Slit Width Inches

Minimum Slit Width Millimeters

Maximum Web Speed ft/min

Maximum Web Speed m/min


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  Item # Item Name Component
413360 PQA-DF-30 Holder (Dovetail Mount)
  Item # Item Name Component
0010-BA Body, Hldr, PQA-DF-30, Single Spr 022159-10
0040-BA Cylinder, Pressure, PQA-DF-30 244B110563010
0050-BA Piston 022160
0060-BA Guide Shaft – DF30 243B020285010
0070-BA Gasket – DF30 244B090176010
0080-BA Stud 245C020966
0090-BA Brg, Du-Self Lubricating 650973
0110-BA Scr, Cap, Soc Hd, M5 x 45 Fs 613582
0120-BA Scr, Cap, Soc Hd, M5 x 12, Shlw Fs 617166
0140-BA Wash, Plain, M5 Fs 615722
0150-BA Spg, Comprsn, 0.7″Od, 4.33″Lg 0FFEDER018002
0160-BA Wiper, Dirt – Pu75 650978
0170-BA Plate, Name Large, Logo 22056
0010-KHA Knife, Carrier PQA-DF-30 412493
0020-KHA Cover, Inner Race PQA-DF-30 412498
0030-KHA Cover, Outer PQA-DF-30 412494
0040-KHA Brkt, Hldr – DF30 243B140289010
0050-KHA Interim Piece – DF30 243B100288010
0060-KHA Knf, Crush 150 x 70 x 2.8 – 52100 22020
0070-KHA Axle – DF30 411330
0080-KHA Cover, Inner – DF30 243B040287030
0090-KHA Guard, Hand DF30 245B000594080
0100-KHA Brg, Ball, Metric 17 x 40 x 17.5 650979
0110-KHA Scr, Cap, FI Soc Hd, M6 x 16 650980
0120-KHA Scr, Cap, Soc Hd, M5 x 12 613562
0130-KHA Scr, Cap, Soc Hd, M6 x 16 613620
0140-KHA Pin, Tension M4 x 20 Din1481 650981
0150-KHA Scr, Cap, Btn Hd, M5 x 8 613390
0160-KHA Scr, Mach, Pan Hd, M5 x 12 614280
02257 Replacement Blade (D2 Steel) for PQA-DF-30

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