PQA-DF-30 Score Cut Knife Holder

One Year Warranty

  • Designed for higher cutting speeds
  • Suitable for thick/voluminous materials
  • High-precision, adjustable, micro-depth adjustment
  • Used with multiple crushing, perforating and profiling knives
  • Minimum Slit Width: 30 mm/1.181 in
  • Knife Diameter: 130 mm/5.118 in
  • Web Speed: 2,600 ft/min
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PQA-DF-30 Score Cut Knife Holder

Product Details

PQA-DF30 Crush Cut knife holder has been proven to be an outstanding slitter for many years. The score cut holder employs a double-row preloaded, sealed ball bearing design capable of withstanding heavy loads up to 125 pounds force at high speed. Slitting fiberglass, nonwoven materials, paper and films, PQA-DF30 is capable of slitting down to 30 mm (1.181 in) minimum slit widths while sustaining speeds of 2,600 ft/min.

A modular design allows the holder to be mounted with a dovetail, tee bar, or a linear bearing. Custom design mountings are possible with the DIENES highly qualified engineering staff.

Additional information

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PQA-DF-30 Drawings

PQA-DF-30 Score Cut Knife Holder

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