DS50-150 Shear Cut Knife Holder

Two Year Warranty

  • Micrometer depth adjustment for knife overlap control
  • Single air supply or dual air supply
  • Precision cant/shear angle setting
  • Dual shaft torsion resistance technology
  • Solid ring nut blade retention
  • Various mounting configurations are available
  • Available in right- and left-hand design (lower knife head assembly is NOT reversible)
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • 360° knife guard for operator safety
  • Knife Diameter: 150 mm/5.905 in
  • Minimum Slit Width: 50 mm/1.968 in
  • Web Speed: 1,200 m/min / 3,937 ft/min
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DS50-150 Shear Cut Knife Holder

Product Details

DIENES introduces a new Shear Cut Knife Holder incorporating proven and dependable technology for the cost-conscious Original Equipment Manufacturer. This knife holder is based upon the DIENES series of DF Shear Cut Knife Holders, suitable for light and medium duty slitting applications.

Additional information

Dienes Part #

Drawing Number

Minimum Slit Width Inches

Minimum Slit Width Millimeters

Maximum Web Speed ft/min

Maximum Web Speed m/min

Vertical Stroke Capacity

25 mm (0.984″)

Horizontal Stroke

3 mm (0.098″)


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DS50-150 Shear Cut Knife Holder Drawings
DS50-150 Shear Cut Knife Holder STEP

DS50-150 Shear Cut Knife Holder

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