Shear vs. Crush: When to use Which One?

Welcome to the latest entry on the DIENES blog. In previous entries, we have discussed the different aspects of each slitting method used in the industry. We also discussed the considerations and factors that affect the outcome of each type of slitting method. In this blog, we will discuss the considerations needed when choosing between […]

The Importance of a Quality Anvil Roll

Welcome to the latest entry to the Dienes slitting blog. In some of our previous entries, we have discussed all the factors that affect score cutting quality. We have also listed a few of the most common problems with this slitting method and how to troubleshoot them. However, we have not discussed the importance of […]

Bottom Load Score and Front Load Crush Cut Holders

Welcome to our latest blog entry! In this article, we will go over the 2 different types of score cut holders Dienes has to offer. These are the standard or bottom load score cut holders and front load crush cut holders. And in the next few lines, we will go over their differences and what […]

Choosing the Right Knife Profile and Material: Crush Cut

Welcome to this new blog entry about choosing the right knife profile. Today we will be covering the selection criteria when selecting a blade for a crush cut application. In previous entries, we have discussed how the set-up parameters, as well as other factors, can and will affect the cutting-edge quality and the cleanliness of […]

5 Problems found in Score Cutting and How to fix it

In previous blog posts, we have talked in length about the mechanics and parts involved in score cutting/slitting. We have also discussed some of the factors to consider when buying a new holder. Blade wobble and performing a resharpening process on the score cut knives are among the top considerations. So, as a result, in […]

Crush Cutting: Myths vs. Facts

Is My Blade Sharp Enough? One of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis is: How do I know if my blade is sharp enough? Often enough we answer the question with: It depends on how you are slitting. That response often leads to the look of confusion on our customers’ […]

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