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Why sacrifice quality for price when you can have both?

Dienes introduces MODEL DC25-90, a shear cut knife holder for light duty converting applications. Made without compromising holder performance and reliability, even in harsh environments.

Who can use the DC25-90?

The dependable technology was developed for cost conscious users and original equipment manufacturers. This holder is suitable for shear, score and razor blade slitting, utilizing interchangeable cartridges covering almost the entire array of materials.

Components of the DC25-90

Modular Machine Mounting Options
Different mounting options are available to fit your existing production processes.

Front Removable Knife Cartridge
The complete lower head assembly is removable form the front to avoid damaging the blade when replacing the lower head.

Quick Lower Knife Head Change
The lower head is designed to be replaced quickly through the use of a tool instead of screws.

Knife Cartridge Reversible (no need for separate cartridges)
The reversible cartridge enables our users to perform left-hand or right-hand slitting with the same holder. Simply remove and flip the cartridge.

Single Airline Input
A single airline input design eliminates the need for complicated manifolds.

Oil Wick for Blade Lubrication
Options for a guard with an oil wick are available. This helps prevent the buildup of material on the blade on certain applications.

Easy Set Stroke for Horizontal Setup
The Easy Set stroke option, allows the operator to confirm if the vertical distance and the overlap of the blade is correct, before fully engaging the holder. This allows for easier and faster set-up procedures.

Directly Interchangeable with Existing Competitor Holders
This holder is directly interchangeable with the Tidland Class I holder. The cutting geometry remains constant regardless of whether the holder is mounted on a DIENES or a competitor’s beam.

Measurements and Specifications

21 mm (0.830“) vertical stroke capacity, 14 mm (0.552“) adjustable, 7 mm (0.278“) fixed
25 mm (0.98“) minimum slit width
90 mm (3.543“) knife diameter
2.50 mm (0.98“) horizontal stroke
1100 m/min. (3500 ft/min.) max speed


Integrated knife adjustments (0°; 1/2°; 1°)
With an integrated cant-angle design, this holder allows the user to modify the cant-angle on the spot. Covering a wide arrange of materials and applications with the same holder.

Easy knife depth adjustment (overlap control)
With a visible gauge at the front of the holder, the user can easily determine and modify the existing overlap.



Dienes is happy to help customers interested in buying the DC25-90 or learning more about what this product can do for you and your company. Order your DC25-90 today or call us at 1-800-885-3452 if you have any questions.


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