PQA-DF50 Score Cut Knife Holder

One Year Warranty

  • Capable of withstanding up to 250 pounds of force at high speeds
  • Exact cutting widths due to the narrowest manufacturing tolerances
  • Used with multiple crushing, perforating and profiling knives
  • Minimum Slit Width: 50 mm/1.969 in
  • Knife Diameter: 150 mm/5.906 in
  • Web Speed: 4,000 ft/min
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PQA-DF50 Score Cut Knife Holder

Product Details

The DIENES PQA-DF50 Crush Cut knife holder has been proven to be an outstanding slitter for many years. This holder design employs a double sealed ball bearing design capable of withstanding heavy loads up to 250 pounds of force at high speed. The PQA-DF50 is capable of slitting fiberglass, non-woven materials, paper and films down to 50 mm (1.969 in) minimum slit widths while sustaining speeds of 4,000 ft/min. A modular design allows the holder to be mounted with a dovetail, tee bar, or a linear bearing. Custom design mountings are possible with the DIENES highly qualified engineering staff. If you are experiencing marginal performance from your current crush knife designs, Call DIENES, the company with over 100 years of Know How.

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PQA-DF50 Score Cut Knife Holder

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