PQAS 1/2″ Score Cut Knife Holder

One Year Warranty

  • Most popular score cut holder available to cut moderately hard materials
  • Exact cutting widths due to the narrowest manufacturing tolerances
  • Wear reduction through precise alignment to the crosshead
  • Quick clamp mechanism locks holder to the dovetail
  • Minimum Slit Width: 12.7 mm/ ½ (0.500) in
  • Knife Diameter: 76.2 mm/ 3.000 in
  • Web Speed: 950 ft/min
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PQAS 1/2″ Score Cut Knife Holder

Product Details

DIENES invented the PQAS knife holders which continues to be the mainstay for cutting moderately hard materials. With one quick movement of the handle, an innovative integrated clamping mechanism securely and squarely locks the holder to the dovetail bar. PQAS knife holder delivers 75 pounds force at 90 PSI and is rated to operate at 950 ft/min.

DIENES score cut holders feature hardened side plates to increase holder life beyond anything else on the market. DIENES manufactures the holder to tight tolerances to minimize the wobble of the crush cut knife. PQAS ½ inch holder is capable of slitting down to 12.7 mm (0.500 inch) slit widths whether slitting paper, film, foils or tapes.

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PQAS 0.5" Quick Clamp Drawings
PQAS 0.5" Quick Clamp STEP
PQAS 0.5" Screw Fixing Drawings
PQAS 0.5" Screw Fixing STEP

PQAS 1/2″ Score Cut Knife Holder

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