Knife Resharpening can Impact Quality: Crush Cut

Welcome to our blog post about how knife resharpening can impact blade life and cutting edge quality. In this article, we will go over some of the primary considerations you must have when resharpening your slitting knives. We will also discuss the impact this process has on the final cutting edge quality. But first, let […]

Heat Cut: Temperature and Material are Critical

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the 2 most common types of slitting; crush and shear cut. We have also talked about razor slitting, which is uncommon compared to crush or shear slitting methods. However, specific types of applications require razor slitting, nonetheless. Now it is time we go into further detail about Heat […]

Razor Offers the Cleanest Edge: Slitting Basics

In previous blog posts, we discussed the two most common types of slitting; crush, and shear cut. However, there are two additional slitting methods that may not be as common, Razor which offers the cleanest cutting edge, and Heat cut. Certain applications in the industry may need to use Razor and, Heat cut. In this […]

Crush Cutting: Myths vs. Facts

Is My Blade Sharp Enough? One of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis is: How do I know if my blade is sharp enough? Often enough we answer the question with: It depends on how you are slitting. That response often leads to the look of confusion on our customers’ […]

Addressing Adhesive Build-up on Blades

Imagine you buy yourself a brand-new sports car. After months of doing your research on the different models that the industry has to offer, you settle on your dream car. Once you finally get it, the car drives great, goes incredibly fast, but you have to stop to change the tires every 50 miles. Would […]

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